The Dark Elf on the Shelf : A new fundraising tradition?

Once upon a time (ok, it was December of 2016) I had spur of the moment idea to grab some leggings (Ardene is life), a tacky sweater, and have some fun.

It was a wonderful experience for my kids and I; walking into random businesses and asking to be a larger than life sized version of the Elf on the Shelf, collecting donations for the Community Food Sharing Association.

We gathered a few dollars for a good cause, made a bunch of friends, and had a grand old time. It was so much fun that the Telegram wrote about it.

Fast forward to this year, and I’ve been at it again. New sweater, but same blank face. You can even book your visits to my calendar!

Did you know every $10 donated to the Community Food Sharing Association is the equivalent of $430 due to their awesome purchasing power? At the time of this writing, local businesses have donated $975 to the CFSA in order to have the Dark Elf on the Shelf pay them a fun visit.

That’s almost $42,000 in food purchasing power.

While every visit is fun, my most memorable one was to Soul Studio, where the staff made a donation in lieu of doing a Christmas gift exchange with one another. “We already have everything we need, so wanted to do something to help others

The Soul Studio team, tormenting the Dark Elf

More wonderful sentiments like this, please and thank you.

St. John’s City Council even wanted to take part.

Mayor Danny Breen and Council enjoy a visit

There’s a week yet of Dark Elf on the Shelf visits (until the 24th!), so book a time before the leggings and booties get put away! Well, maybe just the booties get put away.

Dark Elf on the Shelf Photo Gallery – 2017